Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mr. Bengle's Podcast #1!!! nEVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER

***I've been meaning to do this
Podcast for a while but with Mrs. Cornine out sick I haven't had much of an
opportunity. I found myself with some extra time after school one day and
grabbed a bunch of CDs out of my car and just went ahead and did a show! If you
like what you see on the setlist go ahead and download the podcast! There's
more to come from out of the 5000 albums in my collection! Next time it'll be a
"Jazz Primer" for anyone interested in learning more about America's unique art
form! Look for it before Spring Break!! 
~ Mr. Bengle 

Click on the file to listen....or right-click and "Save Target As..." to download the MP3...perfect for use in your iPod or other listening devices.



Mr. Bengle's Podcast

2/13/12 (Henry
Rollins' Birthday!!!)



Artist                                                Song                                                Album

INTRO: Willy Wonka

Meat Puppets                                 Paradice

Meat Puppets                                 I
Am A Machine                        Mirage

Deep Purple                                  Space
Truckin' (live)                  Made
In Japan

Fu Manchu                                   King
Of The Road                      Boogie

James Gang                                    Funk
#48                                    Funk

Beastie Boys                                    Jimmy
James                           Check
Your Head           

Soul Coughing                                Moon
Sammy                            Ruby

Mike Doughty                                 Looking
at the World             Haughty

The Wood Brothers                        When
I Was Young                 Smoke
Ring Halo

Josh Garells                                    Freedom
(live)                        Seven

Beta Band                                    Dry
The Rain                                    The
3 EP's

Herb Alpert                                 Green
Peppers (REMIX)            Re-Whipped

Neil Young                                    Transformer
Man                        Trans

DJ Spooky                                    Galactic
Funk                              Songs
Of A Dead Dreamer

DJ Shadow                                    Organ
Donor                               Endtroducing


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